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Product description

Banana style pillow is an useful and fun gift. This pillow can be used to sleep in the travels by car, bus or airplane by children and adults. Besides the design is made to be fun and everyone will see it! The neck pillow is made from satin and filled with hollofiber. The black details are painted with acrylic paints. Dimensions: 28 x 25 cm _______________________________ PayPal payments only. SHIPPING DETAILS Approximate terms for the deliveries: - USA: 5-7 days - Canada: 2 weeks - Australia: 2-3 weeks - Italy: 2-3 weeks - Europe: 1-2 weeks - Other: 2-3 weeks ♥ Check out the rest of my Etsy shop ♥ Thanks for the visit! Have a really beautiful day! :)

Author: Xmarynka

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