– supermarket that helps Ukrainian masters sell unique, rare and handmade items worldwide.


Our company was established in 2002 as a project that helps Ukrainian sellers promote their products at eBay. Over the years, new sales platforms have appeared and promotional conditions have changed. We set up a warehouse on the East Coast in the United States for quick delivery of goods to the customers. We have made the delivery of goods simple and convenient. We have opened our own online supermarket. We have become a highly qualified team of 50 specialists. Our offices are located in Kiev (Ukraine) and in Philadelphia (USA).

We are constantly learning the latest technologies, hold seminars, meetings, and conferences, invite specialists to train our partners and colleagues. We make the life of sellers of handmade goods simple and interesting.


The talented people of Ukraine can rightly be considered to be the carte-de-visite of the country!

Pottery, embroidery, forging, weaving, timber work, basketwork, rug weaving, painting of Easter eggs - this is actually not a complete list of what the residents of cities, villages, and towns of Ukraine have thoroughly mastered.

Casual and holiday shirts, towels, bedspreads, curtains, and other household items - all this came to life in the hands of talented craftsmen. It is worth noting that most of the ornaments and patterns were gifted to them by mother nature herself. It is perhaps for this reason that embroidery is called the code of the Ukrainian nation, as it is precisely emroidery that provides a unique opportunity to learn about the past of our people.

In addition to the initially female occupations, the Ukrainian nation is also famous for its pottery. Since ancient times, craftsmen have been making cookware and serving utensils, as well as tiles, bricks, children's toys, and decorative tiles for stoves. The development of pottery was predetermined by deposits of high-quality clay in the Earth's interior. This is why centers of ceramic production were founded in those places.

Obviously, not a single type of folk art has as many elements, motives, and compositional options as Easter eggs. Easter egg itself is inextricably linked to the origins of the symbolic meaning of the egg, which is considered to be the beginning of life in almost every corner of the world, as well as an attribute of the sun. For our ancestors, both the egg and the tree symbolized the awakening of the earth after winter, the victory of the living over the dead.

This real miracle was brought to us by waves of time from deep Slavic antiquity, and today it warms our hearts. Ornaments of Easter eggs are an art treasure, a unique monument of the history and culture of our people. No wonder they say in the Carpathians that the world will stand as long as people paint Easter eggs. Ukrainians believe that a painted Easter egg has a magical effect. Therefore, it was always presented to friends on Easter as a symbol of beauty, and to girls - as a sign of love.

Along with painted Easter eggs, the Petrikov painting, which is currently famous all over the world, is also considered to be a talisman in Ukraine. Its magic captivated the hearts of millions of fans of a beautiful art. Drawings made by craftsmen in this style can be looked at for hours, and each time people can find something new and unique. No wonder in 2013, Petrikov painting was inscribed on the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage List. All the knowledge of ancestors and new technologies have been combined by Seller-Online craftsmen, who present high-quality and original handmade products at the global marketplaces such as Etsy, Ebay, and Shopify.